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IMF A Coruna, June 2019 - Spanish Buyers

A Coruña, is a city of human climbing, very safe and quiet, which allows us to be in direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean through pleasant walks by the sea, where you can discover the path in the oldest functioning in the world.
The city has good air connectivity, with 2 international airports located less than 45 minutes from the city center. The airports of Alvedro, 15 minutes and Lavacolla, 45 minutes, facilitate access to the city in many national and international destinations.
A Coruña has excellent meeting venues. The modern PALEXCO Conference Center stands out, located in the center of the city and with capacity for more than 2,500 people. Also the EXPOCORUÑA fairground, with more than 25,000 square meters, very versatile and with natural light.
The city has a wide and varied hotel offer of 3,000 seats, very oriented to the corporate segment and meetings, with services perfectly adapted to the needs of the organizers and attendees of the meetings.
A Coruña is one of the cities with the greatest cultural and leisure offer, which makes it possible to set up social programs such as the Aquarium Finisterrae, La Domus, or the Tower of Hercules. These spaces, together with Paz and other unique spaces available in the city, can host impressive gala dinners, cocktails or product presentations.

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