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IMF Porto and the North, October 2018 - Spanish Buyers

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IMF Porto and the North, October 2018 - Spanish Buyers

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and the only Portuguese city other than Lisbon to be recognised as a global city. It is best known for its stunning collage-like cityscapes, bringing together colourful baroque buildings, medieval heritage sites and tall bell towers. But most importantly, Porto offers a great selection of conference venues suitable for medium and large size events, all in easy reach due to its fantastic air access.
There are several venues in Porto suitable for large scale events; some of which capable of catering to 3000 pax congress, and exhibitions across 10,000 metres squared. 


  • Enjoy the stunning preserved natural parks throughout Porto, and take a relaxing cruise on the Douro River to enjoy the views.
  • The Ribeira District is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site built upon historical Roman ruins bursting at the sides with historic and cultural delights.
  • In the past few years, Porto has undergone a dramatic transformation, witholding only its history and charm, and drastically upgrading is air-access, hotel and conference infrastructures, and its reputation for art culture.
  • One experience not to be passed out in Porto, is a tasting tour through the wine cellars along the riverbed. It is after all the birth place of Porto.


The Douro River and the Douro Valley
are known primarily for Port, a sweet wine that has been produced here for two thousand years, along with less well-known red and white table wines. The Alto (upper) Douro, also known as the Douro Vinhateiro is dominated by big placards on the hillsides bearing the names of famous Port producers such as CockburnsTaylors and Sandeman. The spectacular landscape is characterised by improbably steep terraces covered in vines and dotted with wine-producing farms called quintas (where it is often possible to get a bed for the night). Hills fall steeply to the water's edge and the region becomes more and more sparsely populated as it travels inland from the coast.

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